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The second sounds at the base are both accentuated and of about equal intensity. Follow-
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Mucous membrane, diseases of; Nos. 5, 9, 7, 10, 2, 1, 6.
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Our experience has led us to the conclusion that the risk of inducing manifesta-
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It really seems as if any disease were capable of temporarily increasing the
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it, contenting themselves with drawing their rents which
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and 2nd vertebrae. The higher the point of insertion the greater the measure-
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sure atrophy about the central veins of the hepatic lobules in each case. The
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been able to recognize the sympathetic dilator fibers. It is extremely probable.
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a slight amount of movement is possible ; it was found that most animals did
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minister and government on the regional level with local government ad-
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through the escape of tubercle bacilli from within the transplanted focus. The
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sentation of photographs, <07 ; gangrene of the penis; report of
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Moses broke his alabaster box and poured out his spikenard
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ely meaningless. He seems to see and hear normally but this is not secure. The
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report, " has made its way amongst the people without solicitation or
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And 'twas not till he 'd left could the wailin' begin again.
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FREDERICK P. GAY, M.D. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati
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which, with the exception of certain views on toxicity, are but the clinical ap-
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Salaries Rent Advertising Contributions Expenses Total
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and the outline of the cells becomes very sharp. The nucleus often shows very
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U88 real estate loans (average balance, $3,998; average rate, 4.79%); 4%, $282,017; 43^%, $234,325; 5%,
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infectious diseases, while tyi)hoidin gives slightly more positive reaction in other'
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of any of us, and took it all with stoical resignation.
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18, "The niilral was sclerotic and there was nanowiiig <il the entii'e arterial
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sociated with hyperadrenalinemia, as has been done.
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raising his hand, " Now, William, if I get better all
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fund of $10,753,164.04. The reserve fund is maintained for the purpose of furnish-
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Edgar W. Baldwin, President Harry C. Holmes, Treasurer
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Fischer made use of a serum control of .4 c.c. (the largest amount of
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richness of the milk and its percentage of cholesterol, and in the case of cheese,
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prevent bumping, the test tube is shaken and the contents
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Fig. 3. — Atypical ncutropliils in the blood of thr writer during exclusive iiicat diet. (Jinie 2", l^fU).)

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